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You have a sweet tooth. You simply cannot live without your favorite sweets …b…

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You have a sweet tooth. You simply cannot live without your favorite sweets 🍪…but you daher want to have a healthy lifestyle and better eating habits…WE GET YOU! That’s basically the story of our lives 😂…Well, the good news, is that you don’t have to give up on those sweets…you can still enjoy them with substitutes for sugar like stevia or erythritol that are really good for you! ⠀

Let’s get to know them a little bit better:⠀

Stevia: This sweetener is extracted from the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana 🌱, a plant found in South America, and mostly cultivated in Brazil 🇧🇷 and Paraguay 🇵🇾 , but daher in Land der aufgehenden Sonne 🇯🇵 and Volksrepublik China 🇨🇳 . ⠀
Stevia has no carbs and no calories, and does not raise glucose levels in blood, which is really good for people with diabetes. It daher has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-tumor and antioxidant properties ✅. Its level of sweetness is over 60-100% stronger than sugar which means that you can reduce your levels of intake, and it can be found in three presentations: powder, granulated and liquid. ⠀

Erythritol: This is a sugar alcohol, which is produced from the fermentation of corn 🌽. Just as stevia, it doesn’t have carbs nor calories, and it is not completely absorbed by the body so there is a little effect on blood sugar levels. It daher helps reduce the absorption of fructose that usually leads to metabolic diseases, and has antioxidant properties ✅. Erythritol is commonly found granulated and is 70% as sweet as sugar. Demgemäß, erythritol does not cause tooth decay so it’s mostly added to chewing gum!⠀

These two amazing sweetening alternatives are suitable for any low-carb diet. They are two of the best zero calorie options out there, and best of all…you can still make your life sweeter even if you’re replacing sugar! 🍩⠀
Which one are you going to incorporate in your diet? Let us know!⠀
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16 thoughts on “You have a sweet tooth. You simply cannot live without your favorite sweets …b…

  1. Stevia has worked great for me. Erythritol gives me a huuuuge stomach ache 😖 no halotop ice cream for me!

  2. I’m new to artificial sweeteners, I’ve tried stevia and I think it tastes really like chemically. Do they all have a funky taste? Which do people think tastes the best?

  3. Maybe weird but I mix stevia with honey pearls as I don’t like the taste of just stevia. The flavor is delish!

  4. I don’t really like stevia the after taste is super weird to me. I think I’ll try erythritol just cuz I know it’s in halo top ice cream and it doesn’t have a weird taste but I’ve never had erythritol on its own so I’m not sure if it has the same after taste as stevia.

  5. I’m sorry but erythritol is not healthy at all. That’s why it gives so many people stomach discomfort and gas. It’s toxic to your gut – it’s only natural when found in really small amounts in fruits

  6. If I can’t find any granulated or powdered Erythritol anywhere, could I substitute for stevia?

  7. I have been using erythritol for a boat a year now. I love using it because I am diabetic but I have noticed in the last several months that it is causing my tongue to sting terribly on the tip of my tongue. It can wake me up at night it hurts so bad can anyone recommend a sugar that does not have an aftertaste that will not cause this stinging problem

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