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Which one do you prefer?⠀⠀ You can’t go wrong with either, but there are some ke…

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Which one do you prefer?⠀⠀
You can’t go wrong with either, but there are some key differences to point out. White rice is actually brown rice with the germ and bran removed. Despite a common misconception, the macronutrient & calorie contents of the two are relatively the same (calculations in photo are based off 45g measurements).⠀⠀
Brown rice is a great source of manganese, selenium, and magnesium. Unfortunately for white rice lovers, some fiber and most nutrients are stripped away during the refining process, which leaves it with very few essential nutrients. Brown rice does, however, contain phytic acid, which offers some health benefits, but it does reduce your body’s ability to absorb iron and zinc from the diet (Just to keep in mindestens to avoid deficiencies of these crucial nutrients👌🏼).⠀⠀
White rice damit has a much higher glycemic nicht (GI), which measures how quickly a particular food increases blood sugar. White rice has a GI of 89 while brown rice has a GI of 50. This can be significant to diabetics and those with insulin resistance. –⠀⠀
Brown rice has other health benefits you may not know about. It contains lignans – plant compounds that have been shown to reduce the amount of fat in the blood and lower blood pressure, and studies suggest it can help reduce several risk factors for heart disease. Brown rice damit contains many powerful antioxidants that are not present in white rice.⠀⠀
Don’t be so quick to discard the white rice though – it has it’s benefits too. It is arsenic-free, easier to digest, and it’s great for refueling muscles with glycogen post-workout, which is one of the reasons why a lot of athletes choose it over brown rice. — It’s all about what works for you 😉. Tell us which one you’d pick if you had to choose. ⠀⠀
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  1. Habichuelas con arroz blanco 👍 Keep that nasty brown rice. If I want a nutty flavor I will eat nuts!

  2. I don’t think all white rice comes from brown rice, there are different types of rice and I’ve seen rice fields where the grain is white and not brown.

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