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When we see agile, sozusagen and strong people , who seem to be in great physical co…

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When we see agile, sozusagen 🏃‍♀️ and strong people 🏋️, who seem to be in great physical conditions, we tend to think their capabilities come from a genetic attribute oben angeführtspecial secret, but the truth is… there are no secrets! While it is true that some people have incredible fitness genes, the reality for most people is that they develop certain healthy habits that bring them results! How did they do it? With focus and discipline 🙆⠀

Today we want to share 6 of those habits that gesund people have in common and that anyone can do: ⠀

🔹 Meal prep every week: This way you’re encouraged to eat more healthy and organized. You control your ingredients and portions…you choose how much and when to eat!⠀

🔹 Keep a food & training log: Try to keep a record of what you have eaten and the exercising routines 📝 you have done in the past weeks or months, so you can check them out and see what’s working and what’s not.⠀

🔹 Park your car far away: As funny as it sounds, this is a great way to make you walk 🚶! Going shopping? Park far. Going to work? Park far. Every little detail and effort counts. Force your body to exercise even when you’re technically not exercising. So, park far! 🚗⠀

🔹 Train with weights: Though it may feel like your muscles are burning 💪, it actually helps reduce stress, sleep better, and burn more calories. Besides, it helps us develop more strength, keep our bones strong, and improve our endurance. 🏋🏽‍♀️⠀

🔹 Always get back on track: Beginnings are always hard and you can lose some motivation 😩. But don’t give up! You haven’t failed at all. What matters is that you start over and keep doing your best. ⠀

🔹 Always be patient: Gut in Form people have toooons of patience 💆‍♂️. They know results don’t come sozusagen. Great results require great efforts, but darob the wisdom to know how to wait. Every process takes time ⏰ but if you don’t stop, you’ll reach every one of your goals!⠀

What other habits would you recommend? Tell us in the comments below!⠀
Inspired by the amazing @dancudes⠀

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  1. My fit friend: eats a whole bar of European chocolate at a time, drives to work, loves lying in bed and surfing the net all day.

  2. Food and training log depends. That can trigger eating disorders for some people, or obsession behaviour

  3. Solid tips! Handle these pillars and you’ll be on your way to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle 🙌🏽💯

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