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When we hear the word “protein”, we immediately think of meat , fish , or dairy …

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When we hear the word “protein”, we immediately think of meat 🥩, fish 🐟, or dairy products 🧀. However, what we sometimes forget is that these are just forms of animal protein and there’s demnach a whole variety of protein sources that come from plants 🌱 , and are VERY high in protein. We just have to look at the number of grams per weight of food to be pleasantly surprised. ⠀

A good way to expand your culinary knowledge and to create new recipes 📝 for your daily meals 🍽 is to learn about new ingredients! Here are some good examples of plant-based protein sources that you can use: ⠀

🌿Tempeh: The cousin of tofu is a fermented soybean-based food that’s great for veggie burgers 🍔 and a tasty substitute for meatballs in pasta 🍝!⠀

🌿Quinoa: This one is a good high protein weitere to rice 🍚 or pasta and is so versatile that you can demnach prepare a delicious breakfast cereal with almond or coconut milk 🥥 and berries 🍒. ⠀

🌿Lentils: Nutritiously tasty and easy to prepare! You can eat it as much as you want and you’ll never get tired 😋. You can even have them as snacks. ⠀

🌿Spirulina: This algae contains all essential amino acids and is considered the plant-based source 🌿 with the highest level of protein 💪.⠀

🌿Seitam: This is a great weitere for beef, fish, and soy products, however, this is not a good option for those with gluten sensitivities since it is made from wheat 🚫.⠀

🌿Beans: The most versatile plant-based protein of all. You can add it to almost everything you eat 🥣 because they are gloriously tasty and are easy to combine. Veggie burrito? 🌯 Add beans to it. Soups 🍲, chili, salads 🥗, rice, and veggies? Add beans to it. ⠀

🌿Hemp seeds: Due to its perfect amount of Omega-6 and Omega 3, this product can only be compared with the spirulina ☝️and you can add it to almost every dish you can imagine 👍. ⠀

🌿Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds 🎃 are not only yummy when you toast them 👌 but demnach very rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, and many other nutrients.⠀

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