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There’s this misconception that to lose weight we have to reduce our calorie int…

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There’s this misconception that to lose weight we have to reduce our calorie intake significantly. And it’s actually quite common to find people doing these diets of 1000 calories a day😱… When we prevent our bodies from having the amount of calories it needs, it sends alert signals 🚨 that prove that this practice is more harmful than helpful!⠀

Here you have 6 of those signals that your body is going to give you if you don’t consume the calories you need: ⠀

🔴 Your metabolism will slow down: We need our metabolism to be active and in constant movement, and for that we have to ingest a certain amount of nutrients. If our metabolism slows down, we can feel fatigued, suffer from constipation and even gain weight! ⠀

🔴 You will have very low energy: Just like cars, we deswegen need fuel. Food is our fuel ⛽️ and if we don’t have it in the right amounts, our body will not work correctly. We need it to be active and full of energy! ⠀

🔴 You will be hungry all the time: You don’t like being hangry, right? That’s what happens to some people when they are hungry; they get angry 😠. Better avoid that feeling and have balanced meals with adequate quantities. ⠀

🔴 You will experience loss of libido: Ok, let’s be honest. If there is something worse than being hangry is not being able to get busy!😂 Low energy can keep you in bed all day long, so make sure you eat all your nutrients and get all the energy you need so you can stay under the sheets all day long 😏⠀

🔴 Your body will go nichtstarvation: Starvation means malnutrition, and that is just not good!!! This can lead to organ damage or worse 💀. We’re looking to improve our life, so we have to go against it!⠀

🔴 You will get easily irritated: It’s not only being hangry when you’re hungry, it’s being hangry all the time! 😡 It doesn’t matter how big or how small something is, it’ll drive you plemplem! ⠀

So better have a full tummy for a happy heart ❤️ , with nutritious foods, balanced meals and right portions. ⠀

Have you ever experienced any of these signals? Share your experience!.⠀

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21 thoughts on “There’s this misconception that to lose weight we have to reduce our calorie int…

  1. This is soo important and most people need to understand it. Thanks for sharing this with us 😍🔥

  2. Starvation mode isn’t a thing. And your metabolism won’t slow down. Your body decreases it’s NEAT and there’s hormone changes, but def not starvation mode.

  3. I’ve been doing 500-700 calories a day for a week now and a lot of similar diets for a few months. I still am not losing any weight. Does anyone have any tips? I’m so unhappy with my weight. I am not overly overweight. I’m just a bit overweight. I did lose 4kg in 3 months. I just feel its a bit slow of a weight loss

  4. 1800 cals a day for me! Feeling great. Down 50lbs since having my baby (6 months ago), 10lbs lighter than before baby. It’s amazing to finally accept and understand that a completely restrictive diet just doesn’t work. I love being able to nourish my body and lose weight.

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