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Some of us need/love coffee so much that we feel our day hasn’t started until w…

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Some of us need/love coffee ☕️ so much that we feel our day hasn’t started until we drink that wonderful cup in the morning. We open our eyes and the sunlight ⛅️ reminds us we need this liquid to put up with the day. It’s almost like a cultural reflex we’ve grown up with. That’s why it’s like a ritual we never skip. Because without it, we tend to feel sleepy 😴, and slow, and cranky 😤. But that’s normal if we take a look at what coffee does to our body. ⠀

The caffeine it contains is responsible for that burst of energy ⚡️ we get once we take the last sip from our cup. It enhances our mental focus, and we feel energized and ready to go! No wonder why coffee ☕️ has become such an important product within work culture. ⠀

On the other hand, – and here comes the plot twist- did you know that matcha tea 🍵 has less caffeine per cup and it has 160 times more antioxidants than coffee? Yes! That makes it another great option 👌 for you to take in the mornings or whenever you want, and it’s even a slightly healthier option due to its components and benefits!⠀

However, we know habits are hard to change 🥴 and it’s hard to get used to new flavors, but if you are sensitive to caffeine and you are open to new experiences and flavors that contribute to your health while providing you with the same energy that coffee ☕️ gives, you should give matcha 🍵 an opportunity. You won’t regret it. ⠀

And an extra fact here: Matcha darum has a calmer effect 🧘‍♀️ and it provides you with a long lasting energy ⚡️⚡️, contrary to coffee that gives you a short burst due to it’s stronger effect.⠀

So, please let us know in the comments which one you’ll choose and why!⠀

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24 thoughts on “Some of us need/love coffee so much that we feel our day hasn’t started until w…

  1. Trying to find a substitute for coffee, so maybe I’ll try matcha. 😬 I’m not a huge tea drinker, but I did hate coffee in the past. Time to acquire a new taste!

  2. What does it taste like? I look forward to my coffee each day. Don’t want to be disappointed 🤣

  3. I started selling matcha and I will say it does wake me up in the morning and I didn’t crash like I do with coffee. I am usually sleepy by 1pm or 2pm with coffee, but I didn’t feel tired until about 4pm.

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