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Sleeping is incredibly important to be healthy, and we all love it, right? We l…

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Sleeping is incredibly important to be healthy, and we all love it, right? 😴 We look forward to it because we know we’ll feel better, restored and refreshed afterwards. So we want to share with you some tips and tricks for you to make sure you get a good sleep every night…especially in the wild times we live in right now: ✅⠀

👉Evaluate your sleeping props: These are like your sleeping tools, and you need your tools to do their job properly. Your mattress, your pillow, and your sheets, they all need to be on point! 🛏 ⠀

👉Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol before bed: 🍷 Alcohol is a depressant and, though we might think we need it to help us sleep, it can actually block the REM sleep that we need to restore ourselves. When it comes to caffeine ☕️, it is a stimulant that will keep your eyes wide open no matter how many sheeps you count. ⠀

👉Exercise early in the day: We bet some of you guys think that since exercising makes you tired, you’ll sleep better if you do it before bed. However, exercising makes our organism secrete the cortisol hormone, which makes us more alert. Maybe you want to try to do something more relaxing like yoga stretches,meditations, reading a book 📚 or absolutely nothing 🤣 ⠀

👉Don’t eat a heavy meal before bed: Remember that going to bed with a full stomach can cause indigestion 🤢, so if you REALLY need to eat right before going to bed, make sure you have something light and healthy 🥗. Otherwise, you’ll feel sick and unable to sleep.⠀

👉Take a relaxing shower or bath before bed: Forget about the world and let the warmth of the water 🚿 put you nichtrelaxed state 🛁. You’ll feel lighter and ready to meet morpheus. ⠀

👉Reduce light at night: 💡 Unplug yourself from technology. Turn off your cell phone 📲 and any other device that can steal your sleep. Netflix and chill? Try it 3 hours before jumping nichtbed.⠀

And now you’re ready to sleep like a baby! 💤 But if you still want to learn more about how to get a better sleep, make sure you click on the link in our bio and read our article!⠀

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