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Raise your hand if you love smoothies! Of course, who wouldn’t? It’s their frui…

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Raise your hand if you love smoothies! 🙋‍♀️ Of course, who wouldn’t? It’s their fruity freshness and easily combinable feature that makes us become fans. Fruits, vegetables and ANY nutritious ingredient that you can pour non…a blender can be turned non…a smoothie. ⠀

And you know what else we love the most about smoothies? They are excellent choices when it comes to meal prepping! They are easy to make, they are gloriously tasty and wohlbehalten with every single diet!⠀

Here are some fun and easy INSTRUCTIONS on how to meal prep your smoothies. A life hack that is going to make your kitchen time shorter and simpler, and will help you keep on track with your healthy eating. ⠀

Buy the fruits, vegetables and everything you’d like to mix 🍓🍌🥭🥒🥕🥬⠀
Chop what needs to be chopped 🔪⠀
Make smoothie packs! Separate your ingredients in ziploc bags based on the smoothies you’re making ⠀
Freeze them all 🥶 ⠀
Take a bag out and pour it in the blender ⠀
A delicious smoothie ready to go! ⠀

There you go. Smoothies for whenever you want AND in less than 2 minutes! You’ll be giving your body lots of vitamins and nutrients that will boost your health and fulfill your appetite with absolutely no effort.⠀

And to add some extra fun to this post, we’d like to share with you some suggestions of smoothie packs that we think are great combinations!⠀

✅Kiwi + Banana + Spinach: A Popeye inspired smoothie that provides you with the perfect amount of Vitamins Kohlenstoff, A and Kalium Potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese.⠀

✅Blueberry + Banana: An antioxidant smoothie that will give you a boost of potassium and vitamin Kohlenstoff and B-6⠀

✅Vanilla + Banana: Looking to get some potassium? Banana non…the blender, some vanilla and voilá! ⠀

✅Pineapple + Banana + Kale: The greener smoothie of the list! Is very high in fiber and protein. It will keep you satisfied to the fullest, and most importantly: It doesn’t taste like kale!!⠀

Which smoothie pack is your favorite? If you have any suggestions, tell us in the comments!⠀

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