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Oh, the mornings and the oatmeals! A classic and delicious breakfast that goes…

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Oh, the mornings and the oatmeals! A classic and delicious breakfast 🥣 that goes with everything. ⠀

But did you know it comes in two different presentations? It’s not like there’s two kinds of oats, it’s the same but manufactured differently. As their name implies, rolled oats are flattened with heavy rollers and steel cut oats are sliced nichtpieces with steel. ⠀

As well as their different names, manufacturing process and the way they look 👀 , they are demnach very different in other aspects. Starting with their nutritional value, although slightly different, every 2 ounces (56gr) of rolled oats contains 212 calories, 39gr of carbs, 7 gr of protein, 4gr of fat and 5 gr of fiber; while every 2 ounces of steel cut oats contain 208 calories, 37gr carbs, 9gr protein, 4 gr fat and 6gr fiber. ⠀

They are demnach different in their texture, being the rolled oats softer and able to absorb liquids easier, ending up a bit mushy after cooked. Steel cut oats, instead, are a bit harder and take longer to cook, and end up with a firmer texture. ⠀

And going back to our breakfast discussion, either rolled or steel cut oats go perfectly ✅ with anything you want to combine them AND can be a great part of your meal prep arsenal. ⠀

Have you ever heard of overnight oatmeals? The easiest and fastest way to meal prep your oats the night before you eat them? 🌃. It’s as easy as pouring your oats raw nichtjar, cup or glass along with any liquid and any mix-ins you like. You can mix them with EVERYTHING. Water 💦 , milk 🥛 , yoghurt, juice , coffee ☕️ , fruits 🍎🍌🍍, veggies 🥒, nuts 🌰🥜, chia seeds, honey 🍯, maple syrup, vanilla, chocolate 🍫 , you name it! It’s absolutely on your hands how to prepare them. Then just leave them the night in the fridge, grab them in the morning and go go go!⠀

For some delicious overnight oats recipes, visit our website! We promise you’re going to love them!⠀

Have you ever prepared overnight oats? Let us know in the comments below!⠀

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22 thoughts on “Oh, the mornings and the oatmeals! A classic and delicious breakfast that goes…

  1. Overnight oats seem like such a great idea… But I can’t get next eating them cold 🤦🏼‍♀️

  2. Thank you, very interesting! By the way, I went further and measured how the glycemic index differs in oatmeal with different rolled thicknesses. Research in Russian, but glucose graphs are clear to everyone. Here is test of oatmeal: #sw_test13 and here is a comparison of whole oatmeal with barley: #sw_test17

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  4. Everyone says overnight oats are amazing but I tried and it was cold and gluey, really off-putting. I really like hot oatmeal… Not sure if I did something wrong. Should I have heated it up? Thoughts?

  5. Has anyone been successful at making overnight oats with steel cut? What’s the trick?

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