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New: Good morning and happy Sunday and how about something new to kick our weeks…

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New: Good morning and happy Sunday and how about something new to kick our weeks off deliciously? An admitted sweet potato salad skeptic, I challenged myself to make one I would love — bright, crunchy, a little acidic and spicy, no creamy dressings or heaviness. I ended up making it right in the sheet pan and loving my lunch leftovers so much, I missed them when they were gone. This is naturally vegan and basically a cinch. (Sweet Potato Salad with Pepita Salatdressing on smittenkitchen.com or linked in profile. In more detail: Tap the SK logo here. Go to where it says “find these recipes: ↴” (you might need to click “More” first to see it) and tap the link below. Select the image for the recipe you want, and it will take you to it.)

24 thoughts on “New: Good morning and happy Sunday and how about something new to kick our weeks…

  1. I’m with everyone else, too. Can’t find the revipes. I click on the logo and it just brings me to a grid of photos. Try to vlick on the photo and it just loops me back to the post.

  2. You all need to go to “ linkinprofile” click that… then the photo of the recipe you want . It works for me👌

  3. I wonder how it is that, apparently, most of the followers of this page don’t know how to use IG to find a link in the profile, nor are they aware that Smitten Kitchen has a website with recipes posted, where there is also a link to their Pinterest page with recipes posted—they literally could not make it easier to find their recipes and yet, nearly every post, all the comments about can’t find the recipe. 🙄

  4. This looks great, making it for dinner tomorrow! Reminder to everyone that the annoying “link in profile” thing is a requirement of instagram, it’s not like Smitten Kitchen just decided to try to be annoying, thanks for the patience in helping us find your great recipes.

  5. Another item I will selfishly (and happily) make for myself. I still do not get the lack of sweet potato love over here!

  6. Click on smitten kitchen logo above this Insta picture. Then click on linked profile. Select the picture you want and the recipe will load up. 🌟

  7. I live this so much. I’ve repurposed you sweet potato tacos into a salad or bowl a million times. It’s the only form of leftovers my girls (THE pickiest) will take for school lunch AND actually eat it. I know it’s a winner already and will be making it in the reg rotation. Thank you Deb – for making mom life easier and more delicious every day!

  8. @smittenkitchen @ams28ready I think the problem is that if you accidentally click the link right above the correct one, it takes you to a grid of photos of #smittenkitchencookbook, which are photos others post of SK recipes they’ve tried—no recipes associated.

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