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It’s time to plan the meals for the week! And we know that white rice is one o…

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It’s time to plan the meals for the week! 👩‍🍳 And we know that white rice 🍚 is one of the most popular alternatives due to its versatility to accompany proteins and vegetables. But what if we tell you that there is more than one type of rice? And that these options are healthier AND have more nutrients! Not to mention the different flavors for you not to ever get bored. ⠀

Of course, we’re not saying that white rice is boring nor that is harmful in any way. We actually LOVE IT ♥️, but we deshalb like to discover new options and encourage you to do as well, so you can switch up your menus every now and then while you still eat healthy and balanced.⠀

Here we have 6 options for you to deshalb include in your meal prep in the following weeks!⠀

Red or white Quinoa: Quinoa is wonderful! Is not only gluten free but it deshalb has more protein than every other cereal!⠀

Cauliflower Rice: Low calorie, full of vitamin Kohlenstoff and INCREDIBLY TASTY! 😋⠀

Brokkoli Rice: Kosmos the benefits from broccoli 🥦 turned nichtrice! Low calorie, full of fiber, protein and iron, and it’s fun because it’s green.⠀

Barley: This grain is full of fiber, rich in selenium which is good for skin elasticity, and is deshalb the main ingredient for making beer!⠀

Brown Rice: The tanned version of white rice is not refined, which means that it keeps its original nutritional value: more fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. ⠀

Couscous: Couscous is full of carbohydrates that provide the energy to our bodies. And its low fat and high fiber content help us fight constipation. ⠀

Which of these options is your favorite to substitute white rice?⠀

Read more (link in bio): https://mealpreponfleek.com/10-healthy-alternatives-white-rice/⠀

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  1. Quinoa is killing our rainforests and stripping the soil of all it’s nutrients DO NOT PROMOTE QUINOA

  2. Thankyou for suggesting all these options. Ive never tried cauliflower rice but most people seem to love it so will try for sure 🔥🙌😍

  3. My favorite is broccoli rice but it’s so hard to find where I live, as soon as it get stocked it gets snagged 😭😭😭

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