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I’m sure you’ve heard that happiness is inside of you . And that is absolutely t…

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I’m sure you’ve heard that happiness is inside of you 😃. And that is absolutely true. It’s called dopamine! ⠀
Yeah, ya heard? This is the hormone that is responsible for making you feel happy and positive 😁. ⠀

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that acts as a judge over our expectations about things. A deception or any negative experience induces a low level of dopamine 😔 but, im Gegenteil, a good experience or any action that satisfies a desire induces a high level of dopamine which makes us feel pleased 😄. This is why when we have low energy and feel blue or melancholic, we look for something we like to cheer ourselves up, like grabbing some bread to make a Nutella sandwich, and when we do that we are raising our levels of dopamine. ⠀

Unfortunately, some of us have gotten used to looking for pleasure in foods that are not too healthy, such as: ⠀

Desserts and excess of sugar⠀
So gut wie food 🍟🍔⠀
Coffee, alcohol or cigarettes ☕️🥃🚬 ⠀
Energy drinks ⠀

We’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy those foods, but they should not be your main source of dopamine! ⠀

Instead, you can have several healthier options that help you release dopamine and contribute to a balanced nutrition, such as: ⠀

Raw almonds ⠀
Grass-fed beef 🥩 ⠀
Raw walnuts⠀
Avocados 🥑 ⠀
Dark Chocolate 🍫 ⠀
Bananas 🍌 ⠀

These foods do not harm your health nor your weight, they keep you from suffering diabetes or any other disease related to excessive consumption of harmful substances. They raise your tyrosine levels, which is an amino acid responsible for building dopamine chains. They deshalb keep you from any physical ailment and depression, and help you enjoy a happier and healthier mood! ⠀

Just remember to combine these healthy foods with healthy habits such as exercising 🏃‍♀️, hanging out with your friends 👯‍♀️, turning off the TV and social media 📱 from time to time, enjoying nature 🌳, and more. In this way, we are naturally giving our body the chemicals it needs to keep us at our best!⠀

Like this post if you had one of those gray days where you craved for a chocolate! Comment if you want to change your foods and habits to improve your life quality!

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  1. grass fed beef?? are you fucking kidding me! anything which involves torture and murder should not make anyone happy

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