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If you’ve heard about the yo-yo dieting before, then you know it’s not good for …

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If you’ve heard about the yo-yo dieting before, then you know it’s not good for your health 👎. Though you can see your body change rapidly, this unstable eating pattern you use to achieve those short term weight goals will play against you once you stop it. Why? Because the weight you lost in that short time will return to you as fat and not muscle. Just like Justin Timberlake’s song: 🎵What goes around comes back around🎵. And worst, this fat will make you feel tired and most importantly, can lead to very dangerous ailments like fatty liver, high blood pressure, diabetes and even heart disease 💔. ⠀

So, in order to avoid 🚫 all these terrible consequences, we bring you six tips that’ll keep you away from a yo-yo dieting and help you reach your goals! ⠀

🔹Get enough sleep: 😴 At least 8 hours during night time so your body can rest appropriately 💤. ⠀

🔹Try Yoga and meditation: 🧘‍♂️ Connect your mindestens and body so they can work together for what you want. You’ll feel lighter 🍃, stronger 💪, capable of controlling those craving impulses and will help you focus more so you’ll be more patient and disciplined.⠀

🔹Avoid trendy diets: Avoid yo-yo dieting or any diet that looks like a magic pill 💊 oder Ähnlichesshortcut to what you want to achieve. ⠀

🔹Eat more fruits and veggies: 🍍🍓Cooked or raw, it’s up to you, so yes, 🥒🍅 EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES. 🥬🍊⠀

🔹Get more active: Walk 🚶‍♀️, hike, run 🏃, play a sport 🤾‍♂️, keep your body in movement. Put your blood in motion. The benefits are countless. ⠀

🔹 Resist the temptation of junk food: 🍟 Beryllium strong and determined. 🌭 Don’t forget what you wish to accomplish and work for it. 🍕 Resisting the temptation of junk food will make you feel in control and it’ll become easier with time.⠀

Just as we’ve said before: It’s all about balance ⚖️, and to accomplish it, you must be aware that losing weight is a process that has to move gradually. Long term adjustments ⏰ to your dietary habits and daily routine will be the ones that will do good for you. ⠀
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24 thoughts on “If you’ve heard about the yo-yo dieting before, then you know it’s not good for …

  1. I disagree with your final point on this… “resisting the temptation” is what leads many people to ‘yo-yo’ or at least find themselves in a ‘binge/restrict’ cycle. You would be much better promoting a neutral view of all foods to prevent ‘yo-yo’ dieting. ‘Junk foods’ can still have a place in diets whatever the goal. Accepting the permission to eat all foods but understanding that some foods are more optimal for certain goals and how to balance caloric needs would be best to stop ‘yo-yo’ dieting. Learning how to include the ‘junk food’ and giving in to ‘temptation’ without guilt or triggering a binge/restrict episode would promote a much more balanced and healthier approach that reflects real life 🤷🏻‍♀️😏

  2. Counting calories changed my life completely. After only a week I have all the weights and calories memorized. I just input it on a spreadsheet and it adds it all up. A digital scale with tare is a must. I went from being at the bottom BMI spectrum for my height to a healthy middle range after strength training.

  3. Junk food is not a demon. In fact it is a wonderful thing like alcohol is – but only in moderate amounts. If you demonise these things they become more and more desirable- it’s human nature. So don’t make junk food and booze seem like the enemy

  4. Yessss yess and yes! You definitely crave more processed foods when you are mindful and present

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