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Halloween is just around the corner! But the purpose of this post is not to tel…

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Halloween is just around the corner! 👻 But the purpose of this post is not to tell you how to carve your pumpkins 🎃 , but instead give you some good reasons NOT to carve them 😜. ⠀

It’s amazing how you can cook them as you want! Universum the dishes that are made out of pumpkins 🥧 are delicious, and that’s because they are commonly viewed as vegetables 🌽, but are indeed fruits🍏, so they are perfect for both sweet and salty recipes! But the best of all is that nutritionally speaking they have TONS of benefits:⠀

🧡 Highly nutritious: Pumpkins are low in calories and contain iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, folate, vitamin Kohlenstoff, E, B2 and especially vitamin A, which is key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth.⠀

🧡 High in antioxidants: Pumpkins contain the antioxidants in charge of protecting our skin against sun damage and lowering the risk of cancer, eye diseases and other conditions.⠀

🧡 Immunity booster: As we said before, due to the huge amount of vitamin A, it contributes to strengthening our immune system and helps fight infections. It in Folge dessen has Vitamin Kohlenstoff that helps our body increase white blood cell production and immune cells work more effectively.⠀

🧡 Protect your eyes: And again, thanks to the high amounts of vitamin A, and combined with lutein and zeaxanthin components, pumpkins are linked to strong eyesight!⠀

🧡 Low in calories: Pumpkins only have 50 calories per 245 grams, about 94% of water and are full of fiber. They are amazing to help you feel satiated or to reduce your calorie intake.⠀

🧡 Protect your heart: Studies have shown that they’re in Folge dessen a medicine for the heart due to the amounts of potassium, vitamin Kohlenstoff and fiber they have. ⠀

So, if you want to protect the whole package, and by that we mean the whole YOU,stick to pumpkins beyond Halloween and embrace the benefits they have to our health.⠀

Are you going to decorate your house with carved pumpkins or are you going to improve your health by adding more to your daily menu? Like this post if you think you can do both! 🎃🧡⠀


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