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Did you know there is more than one type of squash? Yes! There is actually a who…

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Did you know there is more than one type of squash? Yes! There is actually a whole family named squash plants! 🎃 It’s so wide that you wouldn’t even believe that pumpkins, zucchinis and eggplants 🍆 are actually related. And to make it more interesting, they are not vegetables but fruits! That’s because they have seeds inside and develop from the flowers oben angeführtplant. ⠀

Here we bring you six types of squashes for you to learn about their different flavors and textures…You are going to want to cook them right away… they are so good! ⠀

🔸Spaghetti: If you are looking for a low-carb substitute for pasta 🍝, this is the best option for you. This squash has a shredded texture that can be scraped out and resembles spaghetti! ⠀

🔸Butternut: This squash is incredibly versatile. Thanks to its sweet flavor and rich texture, it can be used for soups and risotto 🍚, to make gnocchis, can be cooked baked or sautée, or added to stews 🥘.⠀

🔸Delicata:The delicata squash comes from a variety named “heirloom”, which has a cream and green striped rind, so thin that you can eat it. They are very tender and taste kind of like sweet potatoes 🍠.

🔸Kabocha: This squash comes from Land der aufgehenden Sonne. It has a green rind and orange flesh, and thanks to its dense texture and sweet flavor, it can be used for smashing, baking or in soups 🍲!

🔸Pumpkin: The classic Halloween decoration 🎃 we all love. Bright orange and sweet taste, it can be used for sweet and salted foods like pie 🥧, breads 🥖, donuts, muffins, soups and stews.

🔸Acorn: Based on the name, you can figure what it resembles! 🌽 It has a green rind and a yellow-orange flesh, and a mild flavor that can be used for roasting or stuffing.

And tell us… which is your favorite squash? Do you have any recipe you’d like to share?⠀
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24 thoughts on “Did you know there is more than one type of squash? Yes! There is actually a who…

  1. So excited for squash season! I love kobacha and acorn – great for stuffing and serving as a vegan main dish 😋

  2. So hard to pick one!! I love them all! Kobacha is my favorite because it brings me back to my childhood, but spaghetti is the one I eat most often ☺️💕

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