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Did you know that we can survive more than three weeks without food but only aro…

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Did you know that we can survive more than three weeks without food but only around 5 days without drinking water? 💧 It’s true! And did you know that many people who know this have used it as a protest strategy? Gandhi spent 21 days nichthunger strike just like the political prisoners of Northern Ireland who endured between 46 to 73 days! It’s amazing!! But, I bet you are wondering how is that even possible? Well, the answer is just water 💦. The only thing they ingested during those hard days welches little sips of water to hold on to life while making a powerful statement.⠀

But hey! We’re not trying to convince you to go oben angeführthunger strike 😂. We just want to give you some facts that prove that water is the liquid of life 🙆‍♂️⠀

It’s no coincidence that our body is composed of about 60 percent of it. Without it, our organs begin to fail, leading us to irreversible damage or even death. So, the real question here is: are you drinking enough water? 🤔⠀

Here we present you some benefits of staying hydrated and drinking the right amount of water every day. ⠀

It regulates our body temperature 🤒 ⠀

It helps us maintain blood pressure⠀

Contributes to weight loss 🏃‍♀️⠀

Reduces the chance oben angeführthangover 🥂⠀

Boosts our skin health and beauty 💁‍♀️⠀

Helps us maximize physical performance 🚴⠀

Significantly affects energy levels and brain function ⚡️⠀

May help prevent and relieve headaches 💆⠀

Help us prevent kidney stones 🚽⠀

With that being said, how many glasses of water do you drink oben angeführtdaily basis? 🥛 Have you ever counted them? Well, if you haven’t because of your busy schedule or your agitated routine, this is a good starting point to do it. ⠀

It’s very important for your health and nutrition to consume the right amount of water 💦 depending on how much you weigh. It’s recommended to drink between 8 and 10 glasses a day, but if it’s hard for you to count them, it’s always a good idea to have a jar that carries around 4-5 glasses, so that you know you have to empty it twice a day!⠀

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24 thoughts on “Did you know that we can survive more than three weeks without food but only aro…

  1. I normally drink tons of water but have been slacking lately and my skin is paying for it! 😩

  2. Not this week! And I have such a bad headache to prove it! Gotta get better at drinking water while remote teaching!!!

  3. Just under my required…I drink about 128 ounces a day 🙂 I have a 64 oz hydroflask that goes everywhere with me. I fill it twice a day.

  4. Amazing!! It sure is!! I find myself after years of carrying my water bottle around with me.. I feel like I crave water more if that makes sense??

  5. Aha I definitely drink enough water for my body weight! My bladder won’t let me forget!!😅

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