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Did you know that a peanut butter sandwich has the same amount of protein and of…

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Did you know that a peanut butter sandwich 🥜has the same amount of protein and of the same quality as three hard boiled eggs 🥚🥚🥚? Say whaaaat?? Yup! That’s correct. And even though hard boiled eggs may just be one of the easiest and most nutritious additions to your diet, they’re not as tasty as the whole-grain bread 🍞 filled with peanut butter. That’s for sure. And if both provide you with the same amount of protein, nutrients, and energy, then you are very welcome to add the peanut butter sandwich to your daily menu without hesitation. You’ll feel the immediate sensation of satiety thanks to their protein, fat, and fiber content.⠀

Don’t be afraid of breaking with your discipline and strict eating habits. You don’t have to be hard to yourself! This is another healthy and delicious option for you to go all in and enjoy 😉. It’s good to keep our minds open to new options, especially when they are as good as those healthy – and sometimes boring – breakfasts 🥛 we take just to achieve the goals we pursue. ⠀

However, it is important to remember that balance is the key to a healthy and happy life 🤩. So don’t go verrückt on it just because you can! Peanut butter is demnach high in calories and fat so you have to consume it in moderation. If you use it properly, it will help you lose weight or put on some pounds during weight training or bodybuilding depending on what you are seeking. ⠀

So tell us, will you prepare yourself a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast? 😋⠀

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24 thoughts on “Did you know that a peanut butter sandwich has the same amount of protein and of…

  1. 2 tablespoons has 8g of protein, 3 eggs would have 18g. Idk how much peanut butter y’all put on a sandwich though.

  2. Balance = key 🔑 💚 love this post, thank you! I love a PB sandwich anytime of the day!

  3. How about having both at the same time 😉 That’s what I do 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😋

  4. Misleading. 2 Tbs of peanut butter = 16g of fat and 6 grams protein. 3 whole eggs = 15g fat and 18g protein. Same amount of fat but protein is way off

  5. And people still ask where vegans/vegetarians get protein… I love peanut butter, but also mix it up with different things, like almost or hazelnut.

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